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Manor Green Park in Full Swing!

It was all hands to the deck on Friday as the Manor Green Park group started tackling the post lockdown weeding.

The plants have gone mad with all the rain and sun; even the Lady’s Bedstraw (Galium Verum) has sown itself in the herbaceous border. This plant has a yellow flower-frothy in appearance. It was a popular choice for bedding (before the arrival of the mattress) thanks to its soft and springy quality. When dried, it has a pleasant scent of hay, I am told. The plant was used in Cheddar cheeses and double Gloucester to give them colour. The red dye comes from the roots and yellow dye from the flowers. Another use was as a substitute for rennet to curdle milk for cheese making.

As the day warmed up, some volunteers (sisters-Barbara and Gerry) were able to take a rest from weeding-it just so happened that a bench was right next to their weeding patch! They also planted a purple leaved elder (Sambucus Nigra) adding some warm colour to the entrance of the park. Apparently, the flowers make a nice pink champagne!

The sweet peas even have a new climbing tepee; thanks to Monica Lucas for supplying the canes.

The area is looking lovely and thanks to the volunteers. Let’s finish with a picture of Trish (not her best side!!) amongst the roses-the only thing missing is the glorious scent!!



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