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East Beach Pond Group 

January 2003 – Ongoing

The East Beach Pond Group are a team of volunteers who regularly maintain East Beach Pond, in Selsey (PO20 0ES). Conservation methods are used to protect and preserve the site, for the benefit of wildlife and the local community. 

To develop and maintain a beautiful community pond and biodiverse space, which will support wildlife and be accessible for all to enjoy. 

See the East Beach Pond Management Plan (August 2012 – July 2022) for the full list of aims and objectives. 

East Beach Pond Management Plan August 2012-July 2022




East Beach Pond Group - Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group

Prior to 2003, a small pond existed north of the East Beach Car Park, in Selsey. This site provided a catchment area for surface water run-off. In response to the building of new the residential area, Pye Estate, plans were drawn up to increase the water holding capacity of the pond and to carry surplus water from the estate to an outlet feeding into the East Beach Pond catchment. 

The expansion of the pond was approved and completed by Chichester District Council (CDC), in June 2003. Shortly after, the East Beach Pond Group was formed by local residents, who worked closely with CDC and Selsey Town Council (STC) to instigate a programme of work to restore, improve, and upkeep the pond. 



The Group meet weekly year-round to maintain the site. The following methods are used to conserve the site. 

Vegetation Management 
Targeted control of unwanted shrub, tree and hedgerow growth is used when plants become overcrowded, a public right of passage is blocked, or enjoyment of the site is prevented. This work also covers the island in the centre of the pond.  

Wildlife and Plant Surveying 
Surveying is a regular activity for the Group. Monitoring wildlife helps the volunteers plan their work, to avoid disrupting vital feeding and breeding seasons. The team carefully manages nettles and plants with invasive growth, to support invertebrates which depend on them. 

Construction Work 
Small constructions, such as internal fencing and a pond dipping platform, have been added using donated materials. 

Litter and Debris Clearance 
Removing litter from the pond and surrounding area, protects wildlife and allows visitors to fully enjoy the pond. The volunteers remove loose debris from the pond and keep the inlet and outlet flows clear of obstacles, to allow for surplus water catchment. 



By 2007, the East Beach Pond Group had completed much of the planting seen today. The pond’s profile is now stable due to the marginal pond plants, which were added to the east and north facing banks. Suitable trees and shrubs have been planted around the perimeter, with the aim to encourage growth of native plants and a few non-invasive, non-native plants, where they benefit wildlife.

South & South East in Bloom

From time to time, the Group have entered the Royal Horticultural Society’s South & South East in Bloom (SSEIB) competition and in 2016, 2017 and 2018, East Beach Pond was awarded gold.




Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) 

Funded by your donations, distributed through MWHG. 


Chichester District Council

Contribute new tools and protective clothing. 




You can support our work by making a donation. Our donations are secured by PayPal (but you do not need a PayPal account to donate).

Donations are secured by PayPal


If you would like to learn more about this project please contact us by completing the form on our contact page.

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