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Discover Wildlife

The Manhood Peninsula is a low-lying coastal plain directly south of Chichester, which is internationally recognized for its wildlife-rich landscapes.

The Wildlife Gallery

Photos and videos of local nature sightings from our community of members, volunteers and supporters. 

Wildlife to watch for

Roe and fallow deer are the largest wild animals you are likely to see locally, with the nationally declining water vole being one of the most noteworthy. The diverse environment of the Peninsula supports a wide range of species. 

Read about the important species and habitats you can spot on the Peninsula. 

The Wildlife Map

The Peninsula adjoins three important coastal nature reserves: Chichester Harbour to the west, Pagham Harbour to the east and Medmerry to the South. They are all connected to each other by ditches, salt marshes, mud flats and vegetation, which form a network of valuable habitats for wildlife. 


Search the map to discover special wild places on the Peninsula 

How you can help wildlife 

From rural gardens and school grounds to hanging baskets and window boxes, we can all do something for wildlife on our patch! 

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