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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is intended to inform users how their personal information is collected, processed and stored, whilst using our website ‘’.  A link to this notice will be present in the website footer.

Personal data or information referred to in this policy, includes an individual’s name or email address, in addition to other information which may personally identify you, such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and any supplementary information you may disclose to us in a contact form.


Forms and Direct Contact

Users are required to enter their personal information to subscribe to our newsletter, sign up as a member or volunteer, take part in surveys, or to send messages via our contact forms. The information received is solely used to provide the service or communication requested.

Personal information of select Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) contacts, including the email address, telephone number and registered address of certain individuals, are available on the website. By contacting these individuals directly, your contact information will be shared with the recipient and may be stored to enable ongoing communication.

See section “Data Retention and Withdrawal” at the end of this privacy notice, for information on how to make enquiries regarding the use and storage of your information.


Automatic Processing 

Our website is hosted by a third-party provider and uses various plugins and apps, also owned by third-parties. These third parties collect general usage data readily available from browsers and servers, to produce analytics on user activity. This information is aggregated from all users and does not personally identify you. The MWHG utilises this anonymous data to track web traffic, external link clicks and page views.

For security purposes, our hosting provider and some plugins and apps featured on our website, will record the IP addresses of user’s devices which interact with our website. IP address can be potentially personally-identifying or traced back to a user, in appropriate circumstances of security breaches.

Cookies may also be implemented by our hosting provider and other third-party plugins or apps, to store user preferences and tailor the website experience for repeat visitors. Users can alter cookie settings via their browser, however this can negatively impact the user’s experience of our website and may cause some plugins or apps to cease working altogether.


External Websites

This privacy notice does not cover other third-party websites linked from or recommended on our own website, including donation service websites which may collect your financial information during transactions. Please read the privacy notices or policies available on external websites, to remain informed regarding their handling of your personal data.


Data Retention and Withdrawal 

To withdraw consent to us storing your personal information to provide newsletter, membership and volunteer subscriptions, or for communication purposes, please contact the Secretary of the Management Team at:


Information Requests

In certain circumstances, you may be eligible to make a subject data request about your personal data. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website details various applications for subject data requests.

To make a request, please contact the Secretary of the Management Team at:

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