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West Wittering Tree Nursery Project

January 2021 – Ongoing

The West Wittering Tree Nursery Project has been launched to create a wildlife area and tree nursery, where trees will be grown from seed and planted on the Manhood Peninsula. 



To establish a wildlife friendly tree nursery, which will provide plants to fill in hedgerows and increase woodland, locally. To engage with people of all ages and share knowledge of how to grow trees with the wider community.



Trees are a precious resource to people and our planet. They provide oxygen, food, shelter, and help slow down climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air.  Between 2001 and 2019, 458000 hectares of UK tree cover were lost - that’s a 12% decrease since 2000. By planting trees, we can combat this decline of woodland and protect our environment and wildlife. 

The planting of hedgerows and trees, were key elements of the Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands Project’s action plan. The West Wittering Tree Nursery Project was created to continue and expand upon this legacy of work, and increase tree cover, where needed, across the Peninsula. At the end of 2020, West Wittering Parish Council granted the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) an area of land to be turned into the tree nursery, allowing the legacy work to begin. 



The project is led by Trustee, Alex Ainge, and supported by a team of volunteers who will carry out the work on a weekly basis. Initially, the team will focus on the creation of the tree nursery and seed beds.  A wildlife habitat, including a hedgerow, will be incorporated into the site, giving the community the opportunity to learn about creating wildlife friendly areas on a small plot of land.




Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) 

Funded by your donations, distributed through MWHG. 

Provided funding for equipment, gloves, non-peat soil improver and the tool container.

Donated towards necessary equipment, gloves, non-peat soil improver and the tool container.



West Wittering Parish Council

Provided the land for the tree nursery.



You can support our work by making a donation. Our donations are secured by PayPal (but you do not need a PayPal account to donate).

Donations are secured by PayPal


This project is currently looking for volunteers to help set up the nursery. Activities will include: digging, weeding, seed germination, tool storage making, seed bed making, wildlife surveying, hedge laying, and natural (stake-and-binder) fence building. 

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