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The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) belongs to partnerships which bring together groups and charities, with an interest in environmental issues and the preservation of local heritage, on and around the Manhood Peninsula.  


The MPP promotes sustainable methods to mitigate current and future environmental, social, and economic challenges, caused by climate change. 

Hosted by DEFRA, this partnership inspires community action to improve water quality and increase plant and animal biodiversity. 

Nature Recovery Network

A government commitment, implemented by DEFRA and partner organizations, to create a national network of green spaces which allow wildlife to thrive. 

Chichester based accountancy services firm, Lewis Brownlee, has partnered with MWHG to support their initiative to plant 10 new trees in our local area for every client that goes digital with them.


The team at Lewis Brownlee will be using their hands-on experience with our conservation projects to get involved in the planting of these trees, too!

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