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(Wheatear by Graham Ainge, 2021).jpg

Find Wildlife From Home Survey

 (Wheatear by Graham Ainge, 2021) 

We need your help to survey the diversity and abundance of wildlife and plants, on the Manhood Peninsula  . It’s important to record this information, as it allows us to monitor the impact of climate change and local developments on our environment. We welcome records of all local wildlife and plants, not just endangered species.

Your records will build an up-to-date database of information that can be shared with local organisations and government bodies, and this data will also be used by our projects to guide our future conservation work. Records submitted for this survey are always shared with the National Biological Records Centre (BRC).

How to submit your wildlife sightings

Submit your wildlife records online by clicking on the button below. This survey is hosted by Microsoft Forms and can be completed on a desktop or a mobile device for recording on the go!

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What information will I be asked to submit?


When did you see this animal or plant?



Provide either the nearest post code or exact coordinates* (for locations with no address).

*To find the coordinates of a location:

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps (

  2. Right-click the location on the map. This will open a pop-up box. The coordinates are shown in their decimal format at the top of this box (eg. 50.734234, -0.775574).

  3. Left-click on the coordinates to automatically copy them. You can then paste them into the form.

Location details submitted will be visually 'blurred' to a 2km radius on iRecord's website.


(choose from a list of options, including garden, woodland, etc.)


Species name

The common name or scientific (Latin) name of the animal or plant. For example:


Hedgehog (common name), Erinaceus europaeus (scientific name).



How many of these animals or plants did you see? Provide approximate numbers if uncertain.


(unknown / male / female / mixed group)

Life Stage

(unknown / adult / pre-adult)

Photo file name(s) (optional)

If you took photos of the animal or plant, and you will be emailing your photos to us at, please include the photo file name(s) so that we can match the photo(s) to this record.

Comment (optional)

Any other information you'd like to share about this sighting.

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