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COVID-19 Policy 

Last updated: 4th June 2021 

We are committed to safe working practices and complying with government policy, while offering valuable outdoor volunteering activities. In order to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, the following measures remain in place:


Restricted group sizes for activities

When an email invitation is sent out to subscribed volunteers about an upcoming activity, they will be asked to let the organizers know if they want to attend. Those who are not subscribed to our emails must RSVP to activities via the instructions on our events calendar. Outdoor group sizes are not currently restricted for volunteering activities, however the event leader will determine the number of attendees based on the size of the site.

Maintaining social distancing on sites - keeping 2 metres apart. 

Volunteers bringing their own gloves and cups

Volunteers will be asked to provide their own gloves for working in and to bring their own cups for refreshments. Hot water and beverages will be available at activities, but volunteers may bring their own.  

Allocated tools at the start of each activity

These tools will then be cleaned with anti-bacterial sprays and wipes at the end of the session and before use on the next session. Volunteers can of course bring their own tools.  

Taking contact numbers of all volunteers attending

This is to ensure that we can contact attendees if anyone subsequently reports symptoms. 

Providing hand sanitizers, wipes and sprays at every work session.

We value the health, safety and welfare of our volunteers and appreciate the hard work and contribution everyone makes to our projects. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact us

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