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FLOW Trail Guide: Apuldram

Apuldram lies on the north-east coast of Chichester Harbour with the River Lavant running through it. 

Parking: Church of St Mary the Virgin, PO20 7EG

Public transport: Bus 52/53 stops along the A286

After viewing the [1] pond from the roadside, stroll west and take the footpath to the [2]12th century church. Take the footpath left to enjoy harbour views. Head south to [3] Dell Quay, once a major sea port that exported large amounts of wool from sheep on the South Downs. Head back the way you came.

Rymans Pond

Named after the medieval stone house and walled gardens that it belongs to, Rymans Pond plays an important role in local drainage and habitat connectivity.


A relic farm pond, it appears on the 1838 tithe map and was once used for watering livestock and cleaning cartwheels. However, it became neglected and full of silt and rubbish.


Hardy FLOW volunteers cleared overgrown vegetation and picked litter from the banks. Tree surgeons cut back the dominating willow trees to improve visibility for road users on the bend and increase the amount of sunlight on the water.


The pond bed was deepened to increase its carrying capacity so that it holds water year-round. Native trees like hazel, crab apple and field maple have been planted on the banks, and much of the area has been left for wildflowers, attracting bees, butterflies, birds and aquatic invertebrates

Download the FLOW Trail Guide

This page is an extract from the Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands (FLOW) Trail Guide, which takes walkers on a tour of the ponds and wetland sites restored by the FLOW Project to benefit wildlife and mitigate flooding.

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