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Hunston and Hedgehog Hall, Earnley

Volunteering on The Manhood Peninsula is in full swing!!!

Last week, we had 2 successful volunteering sessions at Earnley and Hunston. Earnley was led by Louise Barnetson and Hunston was overseen by Jane Reeve.


At Hunston, we cleared part of the ditch and bank of vegetation. This allowed more light to the ditch and prevented it from getting smothered by brambles. We were delighted to uncover tunnels in the ditch sides which were made by water voles! Previously Jane Reeve has seen evidence of feeding stations at this site, but at this time of year there isn’t a lot of vegetation in the ditch.

The bank to the front needed trimming as the nettles had grown through the woodchip which we had laid. It was good to see that the tree whips (planted over a year ago) were now growing into healthy trees on the bank.


After a good mornings work by the volunteers, we tucked in to Jane’s lovely cakes with a hot cuppa and admired our work.

At Hedgehog Hall, Earnley, another group of volunteers focused on clearing the vegetation and willow on the northern bank closest to the road, making the interpretation sign more accessible, and checking the planted trees and removing dead trees and their stakes and guards. All the tasks were completed.

What a productive week!

Thank you to Jane, Louise and all the volunteers that helped out.

New volunteers are always welcome. No experience is needed and we provide all the tools. For more information go to



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