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Local Charity Achieve Runners-Up for National Award in Wildlife Recording

Updated: May 4, 2021

MWHG volunteers surveying in a field

The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG), a Selsey-based charity dedicated to preserving the unique character of the Manhood Peninsula, triumphed within the Group category of the National Biodiversity Network’s (NBN) Awards for Wildlife Recording 2020. They secured the runners-up position behind the winner: The Mammal Society.

These national Awards were announced during an online conference on Wednesday 18th November. They recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions adults and young people are making to wildlife recording, which is helping to improve our understanding of the UK’s biodiversity.

The MWHG’s project ‘Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands’ (FLOW) works with landowners and local communities to reduce flooding, improve unmanaged ditches and ponds in poor condition, connect wildlife habitats, and record wildlife.

The Group’s commitment to recording intensified in 2013 due to a lack of records on the Peninsula. Since then, the Group has submitted a large amount of data, particularly on rare, legally-protected species like water voles. All waterways and ditches on the Peninsula are now considered to be water vole habitat and therefore a developer must prove that they are not present which is a significant policy change.

Staff and volunteers from the Group have continued to survey wildlife throughout 2020 from their own gardens, on local walks, or at project sites such as the Relic Canal in North Mundham, Florence Pond in Sidlesham, Birdham Village Pond and many more. These wildlife records build an up-to-date database of information that can be shared with local organisations and government bodies, as well as guide future conservation work.

Dr Jill Sutcliffe from the Group said: “We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for our recording effort and would like to thank all our volunteers for their hard work and dedication.”


Learn more about how to volunteer with MWHG, here.

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