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New Project Launched to Grow Trees in West Wittering

Updated: May 4, 2021

Let me tell you about our exciting new project, the West Wittering Tree Nursery project. We are going to be growing trees from seeds!

Tree Nursery Plot in West Wittering

Tree Nursery Plot in West Wittering

West Wittering Parish Council has kindly given us permission to use a strip of land at the allotments off Ellanore Lane. Thanks also to David Thompson (Chairman of the Allotment) for picking out an area which will be perfect for our project.

We have six enthusiastic volunteers and we hope to be able to start preparing the site soon!!

Trees are so valuable to us and our planet, providing us with oxygen to breathe; removing excess carbon dioxide to combat climate change, as well as acting as flood defences.

This project will engage with everyone, from primary school children up to people like myself (I am a young 61 year old!!).

We are going to need various pieces of equipment which I hope you can all help with finding or even making.

So watch this space for updates and if you want to provide some expertise or even just a trowel, you can contact me (Alex Ainge) through our contact form.


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