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Rescuing Chalder Station

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

By Alex Ainge, Trustee MWHG

The newly revealed platform

Today, the volunteers took on a different role, that of uncovering Chalder station platform.

This platform is located along Chalder Lane in Sidlesham. The station was once part of the West Sussex Railway which opened in 1897 and was known as the Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramway (locals called it the Selsey Tram or Siddlesham Snail) . It closed in 1935.

Before the work started...

The station building’s foundation is still visible and the volunteers set to work to clear bramble that has taken over the site and to once more expose the platform.

Working in the winter sunshine, we were grateful for ice creams donated by Caroline’s Dairy.

A project team, headed by Dr Bill Martin, have been working on updating and modernising information about the tramway. They are producing an interactive map of the route as well as signage. They are now looking for funding to provide information boards at key points of the line, including one at Chalder station.

The volunteers made light work of clearing the platform and were rewarded with delectable cakes and pastries made by Bill’s wife Sue. I freely admit to enjoying at least one of these-delicious!!

It was good to uncover our local heritage and keep it safe and in sight for the next generation to admire. I would like to think that, one day, we could rebuild the Chalder station building….we can hope!

Thank you to Jane Reeve, Bill Martin and the volunteers.


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