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The Selsey Tram Way: Bulletin No 2

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Project Brief

The project brief was approved by the Management Team of the Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group (MWHG) on 12th April. The overall aim of the project is to build on the work of WSCC’s centenary celebrations in 1997 (route description & signage) and the updated MWHG leaflet produced in 2008.

Project Team

For advice on content, text and images:

Bill Martin (MWHG), David Pearce (Sidlesham), Bill Gage (former archivist at WSRO), Joe Whicher (via RCTS), Simon Scotland (Sidlesham), Ann Humphreys & Tony Cullen (Selsey Walking & Outdoor Festival), Joe Savill (MWHG), David Haynes (Selsey), George Smith (Malvern, Tram Way Centenary Project in 1997)

Circulation List

For information and support:

Project Team, Management Team of MWHG, Kent & East Sussex Railway, Colonel Stephens Society, Manhood Peninsula Partnership (MPP), The Novium Museum, West Sussex Records Office, West Sussex County Council (Public Rights of Way), Towns and Village Councils on the Tram Way route (Chichester, Donnington, Hunston, Sidlesham & Selsey)& Vic Jones (Recreating Britain’s Lost Routes).


MWHG (existing heritage budget) sufficient to fund leaflet, interactive map & signage. Currently seeking quotes for information boards, then decision on grant application(s) and/ or individual sponsors.


MWHG website will host a webpage for ‘Walk the Selsey Tram Way’ with information about both the project and the tramway history. There will also be link to the interactive map.


(Walk The Selsey Tram Way)

The official start of the WSCC ‘Path Guide’, published in 1997,was at the Tramway Public House (now a Co-op) in Stockbridge and followed the footpath opposite the parade of shops on the A286 to the canal following the original track bed. The 2008 (MWHG) version started at Canal Basin, missing out the Stockbridge section. It is our intention is to start from the site of the original station (now Wiley's Publishing Company), adjacent to the mainline station, and approach the ‘Stockbridge Crossing’ via the A27. An additional ‘diversion’ could be taken down ‘Canal Place’ (the former Terminus Road) where the houses backed onto the Chichester station sidings. One of them is named ‘Tramway’. The track then crossed Terminus Road into Chichester Gate where it followed the line of the boundary fence behind McDonalds, crossing the A27 by what is now the ‘Bed & Mattress Centre’ before turning eastwards to Stockbridge crossing.

Interactive Map

An interactive map will be available via the MWHG website for use on mobile phone, tablet, etc. It will display (1) the track of the Tramway, with photos, information about stations & other interesting features, and (2) the route for walkers (Tram Way) with directional advice.

Thanks to Simon Scotland for this first draft of the map.

We will be seeking advice from the project team on best photos and supporting text at a later date.


Tram Way plaques logo

Tram Way plaques (See logo, left) )were attached to WSCC footpath signs as part of the centenary celebrations in 1997. Some still survive today and a few ‘went missing’ as they became a collector’s item for rail enthusiasts! WSCC Public Rights of Way(PROW) have given advice regarding attaching way markers to existing WSCC finger posts, our maintenance responsibilities, etc.

Information Boards

Subject to cost and subsequent funding application(s) it is our intention to provide information boards at key locations along the routes (ie: stations, Stockbridge crossing, etc.) A few may be on private land (ie: golf course for Hoe Farm), but most will be beside public footpaths or pavements – again WSCC have given advice and guidance. Quotes are being sought based on similar information/ interpretative boards which can be seen on the Chichester Canal and by some local Parish ponds.

Visible Artefacts

Embankment by canal side

Canal Crossing (supports) at Hunston

Platform at Chalder Station (needs revealing!)

Rife crossing (supports) at Ferry

Cutting by the road bridge at Selsey

Railway workers houses on Church Road, formerly Station Road, Selsey



Subject to funding it may be possible to make a film using archive footage, photographs and previously recorded interviews (held at WSRO).


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