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We are looking for Trustees

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

We are looking for new trustees who are keen to help us conserve wildlife and heritage on the Manhood Peninsula.

The MWHG is 25 years old this year and we are committed to moving the charity forward, especially with the climate change crisis upon us.

By applying your skills and experience, you can make a real difference to this valuable part of West Sussex. Ideally you will be local to the peninsula and have hands on experience of our rural economy and communities.

Your role will include attending 3 meetings per year as well as representing us at our annual general meeting in October. As a trustee, you have the option of contributing towards discussions at our monthly online management team meetings. You will also ensure our compliance with the Charity Commission and other legal governance regulations.

Trustees initially serve a 2 year term and are eligible for re-appointment up to a total of 5 years.

To apply, send us your CV and information as to why you feel this role is right for you to:

Alex Ainge (Trustee):

You are welcome to send pre-application questions to this email address as well.



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