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Willow Glen fence repairs

Updated: May 31, 2022

By Jane Reeve

A group of brilliant volunteers came out to reinstall a stakes and binders fence at Willow Glen. The previous one we had put in place a few years ago for the FLOW project had been blown over by storm Eunice in places and to ensure its stability and strength we needed to replace the whole thing.

The volunteers were amazing and worked really hard to hammer in nearly 250 stakes and weave 200 3 metre long hazel binders. This is really hard work as the binders have to be bent around the stakes without breaking them. This is a difficult site as our backs are against the traffic with huge lorries, tractors and buses just a whisker away but we did have someone stop in their car and hold up the traffic to ask what we were doing and to compliment our work. We had 2 new volunteer starters that pitched in and carried heavy bundles of stakes and binders, and joined in the hammering and weaving. We had hot cross buns to keep our energy levels up and we all enjoyed the lovey weather. We have a little more to do to finish off the fence but it is looking good



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