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A Little Bit of T(ree)LC

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

You may have heard about how we planted an incredible 900+ trees at two sites in East Wittering and Birdham in March, with children and parents from the local Scouts and Guides groups. Last week we went back to check on them and give them a little TLC.

Two new and very hardy volunteers braved the sub-zero winds to help check the 900+ trees we planted at Downview in East Wittering, and the Birdham Recreation Ground in Birdham. We turned some of the biodegradable tree guards around, banged in the stakes a bit harder and replaced any missing items. The trees had been subject to some interference in a few places, which is to be expected in such heavily-used recreation areas, but many are putting on leaves and we were pleased with their progress so far. We remain cautiously optimistic about their survival.

There had been a lack of rain and some strong winds since they had been planted so we found ourselves wishing for a few downpours in April to help these trees get established. It looks like this week might be little wetter, which might not be great news for everyone, but at least you can think of our little trees getting a drink whilst you shelter under your umbrellas!

We'll be back with the 1st East Wittering Rainbows, Brownies and Guides this Wednesday to finish off the tree planting at the Downview site and will be continuing our engagement activities with them and the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from 1st Birdham & Witterings Scout Group over the coming months. It's really inspiring to work with the children in planting these trees, and we hope that the children will be able to proudly enjoy watching them grow up as they do in the coming years, knowing that they have made a difference to their local environment and community.

If you live near to the Downview or Birdham sites, or you are a regular visitor, we'd really appreciate it if you could please do keep an eye on the trees and let us know if you think they need some extra care and attention. If you'd like to get involved with volunteering for Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group then please click on the Get Involved link or check out our What's On page.


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