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Lewis Brownlee Financial Services team plant 145 trees in West Wittering with MWHG

Updated: May 31, 2022

“Who knew it would be so easy to plant so many trees?! A really fun morning in the sunshine, working together to make a real difference. I can’t wait to see how much the trees grow over the years…”

Mary Ensbury, Lewis Brownlee Financial Services Tree Planting Hero.

Not only did Lewis Brownlee Financial Services make a very generous donation towards our biodegradable trees guards and canes but they also turned up to help us plant the trees! Eight incredible colleagues met in West Wittering, in glorious sunshine, to plant trees to help wildlife, improve air quality, boost biodiversity, and combat climate change.

The tree planting is part of work Manhood Wildlife & Heritage Group (MWHG) is doing with West Wittering Parish Council to help 'green up' the parish and make more space for wildlife, generously supported by the Woodger Trust. The 145 trees - 60 of them supplied by Chichester District Council and the rest from MWHG's own West Wittering Tree Nursery - were planted in gaps in existing hedge/tree lines along the edges of Rookwood recreation area and Millennium Meadow. As well as the benefits already mentioned, by filling the gaps, the Lewis Brownlee team also helped to improve wildlife corridors, enabling all manner of creatures to move between habitats.

“Planting a tree – it’s a simple thing – but the buzz it left the whole team with was entirely unexpected!”

Steve Burns, Lewis Brownlee Financial Services Tree Planting Hero.

The team gathered at 10am and after a quick health & safety talk and tree planting demo, they were soon getting stuck in and were amazed at how quickly a mini-forest popped up in the corner of the Rookwood field. Moving along the edge of the field, the team really got into their stride, planting almost 100 trees before tea break. After a rest, a drink, and a few chocolate brownies, we moved on to Millennium Meadow - home of West Wittering Cricket Club - to fill in some gaps along the far side. Some of the new tree-planting experts decided this was a good time to practice their yoga tree poses!

“Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group were amazing to work with – everything from the demonstration through to the tea and cake breaks was superbly organised, ensuring everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time. The camaraderie was a beautiful (and, at times, amusing!) thing to see!”

Leigh Smith, Lewis Brownlee Financial Services Tree Planting Hero.

Amidst the tree-planting heroics, there was plenty of time for chatting, light-hearted banter, and catching up with colleagues. Once we'd finished up at the Cricket Club, it was back to the car park for a quick cupcake pick-me-up and back to the office for the formidable Lewis Brownlee crew! The whole team really enjoyed the day and should be hugely proud of what they have achieved.

“Helping with pollution, adding beauty to our local surroundings, and reinstating homes for our much-needed wildlife – this is certainly a team activity I’d encourage other firms to get on board with!”

Luke Walker, Lewis Brownlee Financial Services Tree Planting Hero.

Thank you so much to Lewis Brownlee Financial Services for all their help and support - you really have made a difference! Big thanks to Nicola Jones from Lewis Brownlee for helping to organise this amazing day.

We would also like to thank West Wittering Parish Council for their commitment to the local environment, West Wittering Cricket Club for their support, and to the Woodger Trust.

Does your company offer opportunities for employees to volunteer? We can organise specific volunteer days for your organisation. Our experienced Project Leaders will ensure that your employees have a fulfilling and safe day. The tasks undertaken will depend on the time of year and the numbers of people. Please contact us for more information.


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