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Planting trees in West Wittering- in the sun!!!

Our volunteers were very keen to get some fresh air and pick up a spade this morning.

We were located at the junction of 2 ditches opposite Cakeham Manor House.

This 13th century house was owned by the bishops of Chichester Cathedral and is famous for its association with St. Richard.

The volunteers had already cleared the area as it used to be used as a rubbish dump by passers by. They had also built a dead hedge in front of the farmer’s field and at the back of the ditch junction. Here, we planted a mixture of hedging trees that we are currently holding at our tree nursery in Ellanore Lane. We also planted a copse or small group of trees at one end.

We will be getting a digger in to open up the ditch junction (when the weather improves!). This will create a deeper pond to allow the surface water from the road to run off and to encourage wildlife. Eventually (hopefully!) this area will also develop into a site suitable for watervole habitat

We soon had all the hedging trees planted, staked and rabbit-guarded in time to enjoy a cuppa and cake before the rain set in. It was good to catch up with the volunteers and hear of happy Christmas meetings from nearby and across the ocean.

If you would like to volunteer or know of green spaces on the Manhood Peninsula or gardens that could benefit from hedging trees, please get in touch at



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