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West Wittering Tree Nursery Update

With a break in the weather, I decided on a last minute trip to the tree nursery. I was lucky enough to find another volunteer who was able to join me.

The site has been left to the sun and rain, meaning all our hard work earlier in Spring to clear the site had been erased!! However, it was lovely to see poppies and other wild flowers instead of bare soil and the insects were loving it.

Our first job was to finish off the compost bins. Then we got to work on the path behind the site-a necessary path in case the back fence needed repairing and to access the raised beds.

Tree nursery compost bins
Tree nursery compost bins

I had brought a scythe earlier in the month to tackle my wild garden at home. My husband sharpened it and decided to bring it along to the site. It worked well on the grasses that had fallen over on to the front path and made a lovely sound-so much nicer than a noisy engine mower on a Sunday morning!

Path Clearing
Path clearing

The last job was to measure up for the raised beds. We have decided to use a company that makes recycled raised bed sides from recycled plastic, which they source from Scotland. It means we will have material that will last many years and take the nursery in to the next century-hopefully!!

The tree nursery in progress
Getting there!

There’s a lot more work ahead, but we are drawing closer to resembling an area that will happily accept many tree saplings.

Watch this space!


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